Steven Saslow and the Road to Wall Street

Rutgers University Image:
Rutgers University


The former managing director of Blackstone, a New York City investment firm, Steven Saslow is an experienced financial professional. Outside of his work at Blackstone, Steven Saslow helped Rutgers University, his alma mater, develop its Road to Wall Street program, through which he and others mentor students and help them pursue internships.

The Road to Wall Street program is designed to mentor and guide students interested in careers on Wall Street. The program connects students with fellow alumni who now work for major Wall Street entities such as Citi, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse. The program teaches technical skills and interview techniques while also pairing students with a mentor and giving them one-on-one counseling.

To apply for the program, students need at least a 3.3 GPA. Only sophomore and freshmen students can apply, and sophomores are primarily chosen. Aside from that, students need a strong resume and cover letter, along with a ranked list of preferred employment divisions. Once students make it through the program and find their place on Wall Street, they will be called on to mentor a student in the same place they were at the start of the program.


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