Spain’s Costa Brava

Costa Brava
Costa Brava

Retired finance executive Steven Saslow serves as a consultant for the Blackstone Group. While working at Blackstone full time, he successfully built the company’s first in-house hedge fund. Over the years, Steven Saslow has traveled extensively. He especially enjoys visiting Barcelona. The Costa Brava, located north of the city, is one of Spain’s most beautiful destinations
The Costa Brava stretches from the City of Blanes, just north of Barcelona, all the way to the French border. It is known for a mixture of sandy beaches, beautifully rugged coastline, and quaint fishing villages. The coast serves as a vacation destination for tourists from all over the world.

Blanes, with its myriad of shops, restaurants, and hotels, functions as the Gateway to the Costa Brava. From Blanes, a visitor can hike to the top of La Palomera, a scenic cliff from which one can catch an unparalleled view of the vast Mediterranean and the ribbon of scenic coastline that stretches north toward France.

When traveling along the coast, visitors can explore museums featuring the work of Salvador Dali, dine in a number of restaurants featuring Michelin-starred chefs, and enjoy the natural beauty of Spain. Peak season along the Costa Brava is during the summer, from July through August. Visitors traveling during May, June, and September, however, will enjoy fantastic weather and much lower prices at hotels and restaurants.