About Steven Saslow

steven-saslow-blackstoneHolding a bachelor’s degree in economics from Rutgers College, Steven Saslow has been working in the financial sector for more than 40 years. Starting his career at the Bank of New York in 1972, he joined Carroll McEntee & McGinley in 1978 as a market maker in treasury securities. He stayed with the company for 24 years through several mergers, ultimately becoming executive managing director of HSBC Bank. In 2002, he joined The Blackstone Group as the CIO and managing director of the Blackstone Relative Value Fund, and for three years he helped the company build its first in-house hedge fund before moving to Blackstone’s hedge fund solution group BAAM in 2005. After retiring in 2007, Steven Saslow stayed on as a consultant, and he now focuses on advising the investment committee and training young executives.

Outside of his work as a consultant, Steven Saslow is committed to helping his community. He often mentors students from Rutgers University through the Road to Wall Street program, and he has helped raise money for both the Browning School and North Country School. He has also financially supported the Holocaust Fund, which is run by a teacher at New Milford High School. The fund sends students to Europe, where they study the effects of the Holocaust during their summer break. In his free time, Steven Saslow enjoys fishing, hiking, and tennis. An avid fan of the arts, he is a member of the Metropolitan Museum and MOMA, and he is currently working with a theater group.


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